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Convenient Office Hours

Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
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Same day appointments are available

Referral Procedure

If a referral is required by your insurance company, make sure you call our office with all the required information; this includes:

  • Specialist or Service Name
  • Phone Number
  • Appointment Date
  • Call the Office for Further Details, (this may require an office visit with your provider)*

Please allow three business days for referrals to be completed.

Coal Creek Family Medicine takes pride in providing quality care for our patients. Because your provider has decided you would benefit from being seen by a Specialist, please see the below information on the referral process.

What to Expect from Referral Coordinator:

  • Processes Referral(s): Submit referral to specialty providers and provide appropriate clinical information to a Specialist.
  • Insurance Authorization: Obtain necessary insurance authorizations for patient referrals to a Specialist.
  • Referral Tracking: Maintain tracking of referrals by contacting specialists and patients about every 30 days.

Things Patients Can Do:

  • Contact Information: Do we have your updated contact information? If not this will delay the referral process.
  • Insurance: Do we have your most recent insurance information on file? This is important because each plan has its own unique set of conditions for referrals.
  • Follow Through: When you schedule an appointment with the specialist we referred you to (we request you do so within 90 days unless otherwise directed by your provider), it’s important to make every effort to get to that appointment. Some specialist will not re-appoint you if you have a “no-show” or re-schedule too many times.

Should you have further questions or concerns you can contact our office and ask to speak to a Referral Coordinator.

Thank you for being a patient here at Coal Creek Family Medicine! We look forward to providing you the best Quality Care possible.