Carl Meredith, MD

I pride myself on being a passionate, well-rounded, optimist. I see the world and the people I meet as intrinsically fascinating and rarely a day goes by in which I don’t discover a new, captivating fact or idea. In addition to curiosity, I am motivated by a strong sense of humanitarianism. I believe that life has intrinsic value which should be nurtured.

I was drawn to the practice of Family Medicine due to the variety of people I meet and the wide spectrum that I have the opportunity to care for. I particularly like helping babies come into the world by practicing prenatal care and performing deliveries but I enjoy caring for all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics. I also enjoy doing office procedures including skin biopsies, laceration repair, vasectomies, etc. I joined Coal Creek Family Medicine in July 2013.

In terms of who I am personally, my wife and I are enjoying the adventure of having young children and while I know a lot about children I look forward to the adventure of learning a whole lot more. I have a passion for international travel and I am a hobby photographer. I love running, backpacking and cooking. I look forward to caring for you and your family here at Coal Creek Family Medicine.