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Christina DeFelice, PA-C


I joined the Coal Creek Family Medicine team in March of 2012. I started my career in pediatrics and then transitioned to Family Medicine. I graduated from Arcadia University’s Physician Assistant program in Philadelphia. Prior to that, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Loyola College in Maryland and while there, participated in various immunologic research projects focusing on the effects of Echinacea. This reinforced my fascination with the intricate processes of the human body. After graduating from college, I worked as a medical assistant in a gynecologic oncology clinic so I understand the various roles of the clinical care team.

I love working with people to focus on preventative measures and keeping them off prescription medications as much as possible – but recognize when they may be needed.  I try to help my patients take an active part in their healthcare decisions by prioritizing and then them giving options.  I also strive to include complementary medicine according to each patient’s needs whenever possible.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy yoga, volunteering at a local farm, salsa dancing, exploring Colorado, cooking, collecting orchids, and visiting family back on the east coast. Overall I feel very lucky to be supported by such a strong team at Coal Creek Family Medicine.